MX - Liam O'Farrell

Age: 24Liam O'Farrell

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175 lbs
Nationality: South African
Series: CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals  
Class: Pro MX1
National Number for 2011: 22
2011 Team: Orange Motorsports KTM
Twitter: @liamwillfarrell
Secret weapon for constantly improving: Quiet Calculation, Tenacious Work Ethic and HemoFlo

Sponsors: Orange Motorsports, Scott (Scott Canada), Forma Boots, ACTIONETIX, Action Brands Inc.

My promise is: Honesty, loyalty, appreciation, professionalism, dedication and hard work, 100% effort.

MX Results:

Year Federation Results
2007 South African - Provincial (Kwazulu National) 125cc Senior Champion
Open Senior Champion
2007 South African (Riding Team Red Yamaha) MX1 National Champion
MX2 National Champion
2008 CMRC 13th Overall MX1
2009 CMRC 8th Overall MX1
2010 CMRC 11th Overall MX1

CMRC - Gopher Dunes
CMRC - Auburn Hills
CMRC - RJ Motorsports
MMRS - Cochrane's 
CMRC - Gopher Dunes
CMRC - Ste. Julie
CMRC - Moncton
CMRC - Sand Del Lee
MMRS - Nationals
CMRC - RJ Motorsports
CMRC - Gopher Dunes

Youth 1st Overall, GP Pro 1st Overall
Youth 1st Overall
Pro 1st Overall
Pro 1st Overall, GP Pro A 1st Overall

9th Overall
11th Overall
9th Overall
Youth A 3rd Overall, Open Pro 4th Overall
Youth 2nd Overall
Under 30 1st, Pro 2nd, Whip Contest 2nd


CMRC - Gopher Dunes
CMRC - MotoPark

4th Pro-MX3
2nd Pro-MX3, 2nd Youth

Liam O'Farrell Motocross Whip