Our Story

The team at ACTIONETIX™ is like no other on earth. We're obsessed with improving the performance, safety and enjoyment of Action Sports athletes around the world. We're the perfect blend of scientists, physiologists, doctors, manufacturers as well as professional and amateur athletes. We know human performance can be dramatically improved in every athlete through training, nutrition, supplementation and equipment... so the ACTIONETIX team is here to literally change the face of these great sports as we know it. 

Our primary focus at ACTIONETIX is developing sports supplements like HemoFlo to make motocross, snowcross, mountain bike and other action sports atletes perform at a higher level!

But we're different... we don't just sit in the lab and cook up products - we study the shortcomings of performance and build products and services to fix them. In this process we get busy trying these out ourselves along side a select group of product testers. What we develop has to work and work well, because if you're 30 feet in the air hitting a double or doing a tail grab in the half pipe... our stuff better work.

About The Name

The brand ACTIONETIX was born from three literal elements that are at the core of our principals. ACTION is obviously from the world of Action Sports, which is our dedicated focus. ETI was born from the word kinETIcs, meaning the branch of mechanics that deals with the forces in producing or changing the motion of masses (dictionary.com). And finally the X is a hardcore Action Sports spin on kinetiCS. Put it all together and you have the bloodlines of the brand.

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Craig Stevenson, B.P.E. (Hon)
Founder and CEO
Action Brands Inc. 

ACTIONETIX is proud to be an Action Brands LLC., company. Action-Brands.com.