MX – Connor Stevenson

MX – Connor Stevenson

Born: 2004
Height: 5′ 1″ feet
Weight: 90 lbs.
Home town: Campbellville, Ontario, Canada
School: A- student
MX bike: 2013 Cobra CX65, 2006 YZ 85
Other Sports: AAA Hockey, Scootering
Articles: April 2013, August 2013     
Sponsors: Action Brands Inc., Race Tech, ACTIONETIX, Halton Power Equipment, Cobra Canada, Terry Rowley Mechanical, MMX Powersports, Ward Motorsports

MX results:


CMRC – Walton – Grand Nationals
MMRS Nationals
Chesterman’s Arenacross

2nd 50cc 7-8, 4th 65cc 7-9
1st 50cc 7-8, 1st 65cc 6-9
1st Overall 65cc, 4th Overall 85cc

2011/2012 Chesterman’s Arenacross 1st Overall 50cc Advanced, 1st Overall 65cc


CMRC – Walton – Grand Nationals
Chesterman’s Arenacross

3rd 50cc 4-6
1st Overall 50cc Experienced, 3rd Overall 65cc


Steel City riders

4th Overall 50cc Advanced


Chesterman’s Arenacross

1st Overall 50cc Beginner

Connor started riding when he was just three years old. He quickly got the hang of his CRF 50 which he saved up $160 dollars to buy (his parents paid the rest). Learning to ride his bike on a full sized private track with adults jumping over him gave Connor a real motocross sense early on. The Honda quickly became obsolete when those around him knew Connor had other plans… plans to go fast! He was quickly upgraded to a KTM 50 Pro Senior at the young age of 4 and within weeks, was very comfortable on this completely different machine.

Connor is now known as one of the premier mini bike riders in Canada, who can challenge for a podium spot on any weekend!