If You Can’t Beat ’Em – Join ’Em

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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m looking forward to relaxing with the boys away from the track. Ya, ya, I know I sound like a downer to MX fanatics, but I’m not sure my boys feel the same way. I am their awesome mom after all! Just kidding. No really, I do try to go to all the races and as many practices as I can; but tomorrow I’d rather the boys and I stay home and chill. Can you blame me? So we decided to forfeit a MMRS race in Lindsay, Ontario. And I am feeling a little bad (usual mom guilt) since Connor’s outdoor season has just started (and especially after his amazing win in the 65’s at Grand Bend last weekend).

It’s funny, you’d think after 4 years of my son racing that you’d get used to the dirt, mud, and extra layers of clothing. But it can sometimes seem a little foreign when you’re somewhat of a girlie-girl and work in the city during the week. Not that I’m complaining. I love the fact that my boys have a sport they thoroughly enjoy and we’ve always said that as long as the kids aren’t sitting in front of the TV and they’re being active, then we’re good with whatever activities they choose. But Connor’s on a roll lately and we have to keep up his practice time for momentum. It’s like any sport – practice makes perfect. So instead of not getting any riding in this weekend, we came to Lindsay fairgrounds track for a few hours of practice today because I know how important it is. The race is tomorrow and he’s missing it – so we can have “our” special day at home. Yep, sometimes this sport requires compromise between the mom, dad and the kids, because after all, it’s a sport that requires a lot of travel and money – so some important family decisions have to be made. And mom’s day is one of them that can’t be missed.

Kerrie Lee

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