Motivation is the Key to Success!

Here I sit alone, typing to all that will listen. It’s been a crazy year that started with me getting major surgery on my shoulder that got really banged up from a fall at San Del Lee MX park outside of Ottawa Canada last summer. The Canadian medical system I believe failed me because by the time I actually was able to get a surgeon, the two rotator cuff muscles that were completely torn had essentially died. The end result is that I had to have major surgery where they cut away a good chunk of bone, detach my deltoids, cut my latisssimus dorsi (large back muscle) away from my humerus and then reattach it in a completely different place on my shoulder. The “lat” now becomes somewhat like rotator cuff muscles. I’ll be honest… it’s been a long haul back and I probably only 50% there. Add this to the fact that the doctors say it will only ever get to 75-80% of what it was before the accident!

However during this tough time, I stuck to my guns, trying find something motivational every day like being able to take a shower for the first time after surgery or finally being invited to the gym section of the physical therapy clinic (this meant I could finally start exercising with help and on my own). It’s short term goals like this that help me stay focused on the end goal of being functional again. My advice is you simply have to break down your motivational goals into small chunks that actually add up to an end result. And you need help from experts. If I didn’t research and recruit a great rehab crew (thanks Mark and Melissa), I’d be in a real bad place. It’s essential to search out quality advice in anything you do.Throughout all of this, it was decided that my time working for others was limited. I had a 10 year run working for some of the best sports supplement/performance companies in the world, but I knew I had to go one step further and focus my efforts on a true love of mine… which is Action Sports. I left the working world to start Action Brands Inc. with a clear purpose of creating a group of brands, products and services that improve the performance, safety and enjoyment of Action Sports athletes around the world. This is a big task if you’re not motivated… so everyday I find that piece of the puzzle that will get me closer to that every growing goal that constantly is on the horizon.


Find your motivation today so you can succeed tomorrow!

Craig Stevenson

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