Action Sports

Our Take on Action Sports

There are many definitions for Action Sports, and even different terms like Extreme Sports, X-Sports or Danger Sports. Regardless of what you call them, we believe that this group of sports is very diverse and in many specialized. It's a growing community that places great physical and mental demands on their body to push themselves to the limit. Action Sports are character builders to say the least. Many of them come with an inherent risk vs. reward ratio that many people on the outside question. This is what is so attractive to participants... the opportunity to push the limits both physically and mentally! For these reasons, we find it very hard to define the limits of what is and what isn't an Action Sport, so ACTIONETIX focuses on improving the performance, safety and enjoyment of Action Sports athletes in general across the globe. We firmly believe that everyone's skill level and conditioning can be improved with the correct guidance and use of sports supplements, diet and training. Below you'll see a list of Action Sports we focus on, and we hope this list grows more and more every year!


To so many people in the industry, motocross is known as the Original Action Sport. It has deep roots in organized racing and has had governing bodies around the world. Founded on December 21, 1904, the FIM ( is the centralized world organization for the majority of motorcycle racing including motocross/supercross worldwide. The FIM has affiliate governing bodies throughout the globe. Although motocross/supercross are termed Action Sports, we also believe that other forms of motorcycle racing are indeed action sports as well. Disciplines like Enduro, Superbike, Ice Racing and Trials riding are all extremely physically demanding.

In Motocross these athletes can be seen racing in heat over 100° for 35 minutes straight in motocross. This places unique challenges to hydration and performance. Other disciplines like Enduro demand an ability to process oxygen, and clear lactic acid (the metabolic byproduct that gives you the burn and makes you hit "the wall". These are some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world.

Motorcycle Road Racing (GP)

This sport is once again governed by the FIM worldwide. The demands on these riders are extreme to say the least. Clothed in thick leather protective gear and racing non stop for great lengths of time, these riders have to be lean, aerobically fit, well conditioned for strength and of course mentally tough. Due to the unique demands of road racing, athletes need a strong combination of diet, physical conditioning and performance supplementation.


With many similarities to Motocross, Snowcross has been gaining momentum both with spectators and participants. A fan favorite at the Winter X Games, Snowcross is receiving more and more publicity every year. Pitting man and machine against other competitors and a tracks that boast jumps fifty feet in length or more, makes Snowcross one of the most exciting Action Sports on the planet.

Mountain Biking

We're not talking about the 30 minute Sunday ride with the kids here... were talking about pedal pushing, heart pounding, adrenalin rushing blasting on closed courses and gnarly down hills. Balance and strength compliment aerobic fitness of these great athletes. Specialized sports supplements can improve cardiovascular flow rates and reduce arm pump which will again improve results. Key nutritional strategies can be implemented to maximize performance on all levels. At this time, there is no world governing body for mountain biking and the most popular disciplines are downhill and cross country.


BMX consists of various disciplines including racing, free style vert, and was born as a spin off of motocross. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross. It is a very popular and growing discipline due to it's relatively small expense and ability to ride freely. The growth of the sport has spawned many pro riders that are now making good livings by competing, performing and endorsing products. Training, dieting and supplementing for BMX competition has been adopted by many due to the increasing demands on the body and the level of competition. 


Freestyle motocross is one of the most exciting sports on the planet. The intense element of danger attracts athletes and fans to the heart of its existence. Being physically prepared has become a mainstay with the elite of this sport. Controlling a 225 lbs. bike while flipping upside down in the air requires strength and fine motors skills. These athletes need to train not only for performance, but for injury prevention as well. A well conditioned body that can execute these trick effectively will lower the risk of injury. Big air and freestyle are the two common forms of FMX.

Wake Boarding and Snowboarding

Although quite different in execution (obviously one on water and one on snow) these two great sports have a very similar basic stance on the board, and consequently require similar training and conditioning. Core fitness as well as leg strength are crucial to success. In wake boarding the grip is also a major element and can be improved through fitness diet and supplementation. All in all these sports are becoming more demanding on the athletes and consequently the athletes are preparing their bodies for the challenge!


It's like motocross on the water! This demanding Action Sport will challenge the fittest of athletes with it's demanding combination of endurance, strength, balance and overall physical preparation. Grip and arm strength have been identified as limiting factors in maximizing performance as well as muscular endurance in the core and legs.

Other Action Sports

As mentioned in the introduction, there are various definitions of Action Sports. At ACTIONETIX, we believe there is a group of other sports that fit the mould. Rock climbing, kite surfing, surfing, and a handful of others all qualify in our minds. They are physically and mentally demanding and to rise to the top athletes need to be well conditioned to say the least. Much of the information in this site will apply to these disciplines as well.