ACTIONETIX | CMRC MX2 Champion Tyler Medaglia Talks Training and Nutrition

Early 2011, I got a chance to do my small part and bring a story of an incredible athlete and sport to a more mainstream audience. I wanted to help showcase just how demanding the sport of Motocross is and how involved the physical and mental preparation can be. I chose to contact Tyler for a number of reasons. First, I had met with him in the past at a motocross camp, and liked his demeanor and dedication. Second, I had watched him during the whole CMRC, Monster Energy Pro series and was absolutely impressed at his tenacity to win. Finally, Tyler’s story also stretched across the border as he is one of the few Canadian pros to have ever won an AMA pro title (Tyler is a 250 cc Arenacross Champion).

What I saw in Tyler is not uncommon in athletes that are driven to succeed. They focus on physical conditioning, mental preparation and practice so that they can go out and do what is natural…compete. Take a moment and look into the eyes of a champion by reading this article that appeared in Inside Fitness Magazine earlier this year – it’s bound to inspire you no matter what your sport!

Tyler Medaglia – Inside Fitness

Craig Stevenson