ACTIONETIX | Upper Body Stretching

Here are images of a number of common upper-body stretching exercises. This is by no means an exhaustive list of stretches, however it is a large selection, which illustrates good form. For lower body stretches, click here.

Top 5 Commandments of Stretching

5. Stretch in a quite, comfortable place in order to allow you muscles to relax and optimize each stretch
4. Warm up for 5-10 minutes on a bike or treadmill before you start stretching
3. Breathe deep and exhale while stretching to allow total body relaxation
2. Practice stretching consistently at least 3 times/week
1. Hold a stretch for 45-60 seconds to allow yourself a chance to overcome the stretch reflex

 Rear Deltoid/Upper Back (Two Options)

 Latissimus Dorsi/Back



Neck (side)                                                 Neck (Back)


Biceps/Forearms                                           Biceps/Forearms Closeup


Low Back/Hip