2017 – The Season of Change

What a year it has been so far! Action sports, especially motocross has seen some real eye-opening performances from the likes of Marvin Musquin (yes he won $1,000,000 at the Monster Cup this October) and amateurs like Jet Reynolds. Redbull Straight Rhythm was also seized by Marvin as his confidence is at an all-time high! Momentum is on his side for sure. In this column, I need to pose the question, “How does this confidence come to be and how do you harness it in the coming months and perhaps even years?”

To answer this, you need to look at what I believe are the top 5 factors for success. When put into practice, you can continue to raise the bar, not only for yourself, but for the sport as well. Let’s have a look at 5 habits to practice every day in order for you to achieve the ultimate confidence in sport.

5. Routine, routine, routine: Yeah, you heard it here, setting a sticking to a routine is paramount for defining success. Setting your alarm for the same time each day, eating a defined healthy meal, getting to the gym each day sets your body and mind to a disciplined regiment. Small modifications to this set routine can result in measurable improvement and ultimately in improved confidence.

4. Practice makes perfect: If you look at the big 4 sports, baseball, hockey, football and basketball, every practice is structured to work on either improving a weakness, or accelerating a strength. There is a set plan that day. The same must hold true for Motocross and Action Sports in general. Don’t just put laps in on the track, but instead decide what you are needing to work on each time and prepare the appropriate drills. Constant improvement breeds confidence.

3. Train the mind as much as the body: The mind is a powerful tool, but sometimes it can be overcome by weakness. Thoughts of self-doubt can manifest creating a “slump” in performance. Negative thoughts can creep in during times of injury. Working on mental exercises like visualization, positive self-reinforcement can be critical to continued drive and success. 

2. Take advantage of ergogenic aids: Science and supplementation has improved dramatically over the last decade, allowing athletes across the globe to be more prepared for battle than ever before. If you think your competition isn’t using sports supplements, think again! Adding supplements that speed recovery, fuel and hydrate the body as well as specialty items that alleviate things like arm pump are critical for the success of today’s modern athlete. Being one step ahead of your competition is critical for building short and long term confidence.

1.  Set short, mid and long-term goals: You’ve probably heard it before, but clearly defining your top goals and priorities is essential for crafting a plan. Writing down your goals and posting them in a place where you can see them daily is essential to success. In business, you have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to strive toward. you have to plan toward achieving them, and the tasks that will make you succeed. So, sit down and write up your top 3 goals for 2018, and build toward them each and every day. 

Confidence doesn’t come easily, but if you take these 5 lessons seriously, you’ll be far more equipped for success than failure. Take control and build your own confidence so that you can compete at a level you never thought possible. This is how you create your own season of change.

Craig Stevenson, B.P.E. (Hon.)
Founder and CEO

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