Racing is Family, Family is Racing

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Most people just won’t understand it – the incredible highs, and the lowest of lows. It’s hard to find a sport that requires more from mind, body and machine than motocross. Even sports like go cart racing don’t bring the dimension of an athlete racing in the third dimension completely unprotected from the competition that is trying so hard to take his or her position. It is a truly, all encompassing task when ever someone throws their leg over a bike to do what we all love… race. This is why family is so important. The lessons that are learned teach our children that that life throws so many things at them, and they can handle anything that comes their way.

The support structure of family is the most important of all. Bike preparation, meals, travel, working overtime to pay for gate fees, memberships, parts, fuel are just the beginning. The emotional turmoil of a bike that breaks down, or a competitor that puts it to you hard in the corner can be the most challenging for a family. Smoothing out the highs and lows is what creates longevity in this sport that can be so rewarding and unforgiving even in a single day. 

So to all of the families that have been chosen by the great sport of motocross, we salute you at ACTIONETIX for keeping the bonds tight and the racing on point.

Train hard, race hard and most of all find a way to smile, support and challenge those around you to be not only better racers, but better people as well.

Keep it on two wheels!

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