The Snow is Falling!

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If you live in the northern states, or even further north in Canada, you’ll know for sure that the snow is falling and the winds are blowing. If you’re an MX guy, you spend most of your time avoiding anything that approaches 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) or below. The cold means the end of riding, and you even plan your winter getaways to avoid the flakes so you can tear up more groomed soil in your pursuit or more and more speed.

Believe it or not, there are a number of dedicated racers that can’t wait for the snow to fall. The “snocrosser” is a unique athlete that loves to see the thermometer drop so they can start blasting motos in the pursuit of podiums. This year I’ve had the privilege of working with one of the most decorated SNX teams in history. The London Recreational, Ski-doo, Wilson Ponds snocross team has been hard at work in the gym getting ready for the 2013/2014 season. The father and son duo of Ric and Devin Wilson have been immersed in an 8-week training camp lead by yours truly. I’ve been pushing them not only to improve their overall strength and cardiovascular fitness, but I’ve also been helping them balance their bodies that have been ravaged by injury for more than a decade or two (in Ric’s case).

Snocross demands everything that Motocross does… and more. The equipment is heavier and many times less forgiving than a motocross bike, and the elements that Mother Nature throws at you can certainly derail any well prepared game plan. This is why these athletes train so hard on the fundamentals of strength, aerobic, and explosive fitness. Ric and Devin have also been putting HemoAde to the test to help eliminate arm pump and improve blood flow in their hands and fingers to keep them warm during racing.

So no matter what type of iron you race, and no matter what season gets your Adrenalin running, it always pays to be in shape and focused. Take some time to read some of our articles on training, nutrition and supplementation to help you get ready for your best season yet!

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