ACTIONETIX | Vitamin K Values of Foods

At ACTIONETIX, we have invested thousands of hour into research that can change your athletic performance. Among these hours, we have spent considerable time investigating Vitamin K.  While Vitamin K plays an important role in the clotting of your blood, ingesting too much of this fat-soluble vitamin can actually backfire.

Only a limited amount of Vitamin K is needed for the process of blood clotting to run efficiently. With the the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) set at 90 mcg for healthy adult women and 120 mcg for men, you’ll soon be able to see why it’s soo easy to eclipse this threshold. Limiting the amount of Vitamin K is a critical aspect of controlling arm pump and improving how blood flows through your extremities.

For motocross, mountain bike and other off road athletes that look to improve their performance and reduce arm pump, they are turning to HemoAde for help and limiting their Vitamin K to appropriate levels.

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