ACTIONETIX | 5 Foods to Avoid Because They Can Trigger Arm Pump!

Vitamin K and Arm Pump

This is one of the most important parts of the war against arm pump. Vitamin K is a key signaling agent in blood clotting. The general consensus including the USDA seems to be that the adequate intake of Vitamin K per day is 120 micrograms (mcg). Go over that level and we’re creating an environment that could really push arm pump due to thickening of the blood.

Athletes, and in particular Action Sports and Endurance athletes that use their grip to succeed need blood to flow through their hands and fingers to avoid arm pump. Limiting Vitamin K in your diet is one of our well-known strategies for helping maintain a low viscosity, easy flowing environment for your blood.

Vitamin K is responsible for the onset of Vitamin K Epoxide Reductase (I know I’m using those fancy science words again sorry I’m really not trying to show off), which then in turn increases your body’s ability to clot your blood. Managing a proper Vitamin K balance is absolutely critical to maintaining proper blood viscosity along with proper hydration and electrolyte balance that comes from minerals like salt, potassium and calcium.

5 Foods High in Vitamin K that Can Trigger Arm Pump

1. Spinach – 2 cups raw – 289.8 mcg Vitamin K

2. Broccoli – 2 cups – 440 mcg Vitamin K

3. Celery – 2 cups – 70.4 mcg Vitamin K

4. Blueberries – 2 cups – 56 mcg Vitamin K

5. Tuna – 6 oz. – 74.8 mcg Vitamin K

You can easily see how you can exceed the 120 mcg/day threshold with even one spinach salad. It’s critical that you understand these fine details if you are to improve your performance and and alleviate arm pump.

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