How it All Begins

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I believe everything good starts with passion. If you do something just because you have too… well people will know right away – they’ll see through you in no time flat! This is why ACTIONETIX is born from passion. You see this is a family business that will sink or swim with my fellow Action Sports comrades. I left over a decade of working at the top of a few excellent companies because this is where my heart and soul lies. I love all sports like hockey, football etc., but there’s just something different about action sports. There’s the unknown that can jump up and bite you when you least expect it. It’s this unknown that we can all prepare to face through scientific physical and mental training, nutrition and supplementation.

Getting up every day should start with barely being able to fall asleep because you are sooo exited of what is to come the next day. A day that brings opportunity to meet new people, influence and be influenced. It’s with this that I believe ACTIONETIX will succeed. Myself and the company is designed to educate, participate and advance performance in Action Sports.

Make sure you stay involved with because if you don’t, your competition will and all I can say is they’ll have a ridiculously unfair advantage…

All the best. Craig

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