NEW 100% ElectroLYTES Now Available on


The latest performance supplement from ACTIONETIX – New 100% ElectroLYTES is now available on and qualifies for AMAZON Prime benefits such as FREE shipping. 

“Our continued growth on this world-leading eCommerce platform has opened up an easy way for current and future customers to access our products. As a family owned business we strive to provide our athletes and customer with superior quality that they can depend on for performance, health and safety,” notes Craig Stevenson, Founder at ACTIONETIX.

100% ElectroLYTES is no exception as it uses premium ingredients in physiologically relevant doses to improve performance, decrease muscle cramps, delay fatigue, improve thermal regulation and optimize endurance… all without sugar like many syopy drink mixes that can trigger gut rot.  Quite simply new 100% ElectroLYTES is the Platinum Standard in the electrolyte supplement category.

According to off-road athlete Derrick Ross, “I was involved in the beta testing of 100% ElectroLYTES and can certainly vouch for the product. I used to mix Pedialyte and water in my Camel Back but I would always feel nauseous during the race. With the ElectroLYTES I simply take them before the race and drink water when I’m on the bike and I feel great. I recommend them to all the riders I talk to.” 


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