ACTIONETIX Announces New Product Addition Core HYDRATE

Core HYDRATE Electrolyte Powder Fruit Punch

As we continue to grow at ACTIONETIX, we focus on the best products and formulas for our tribe of dedicated athletes. Every ingredient, manufacturer and overall end product is scrutinized at every step to meet our demanding specifications.

New to ACTIONETIX, Core HYDRATE is no exception. Designed as an on-the-go supplement for electrolyte replacement, this delicious sugar free powder delivers all five electrolytes and so much more. Key ingredients TRAACS, ElevATP, ConcenTrace and Senactive take this formula to the next level.

Core HYDRATE is available in three delicious flavors: LEMON LIME, ORANGE MANGO and FRUIT PUNCH. Each of these delicious flavors stacks well with HemoAde, NeuroTECH MAX and PerformaVIT.

Order your own supply of Core HYDRATE today and maximize your performance in your chosen sport!

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