The Thrill of Motocross

The summer’s in full swing and my boys are riding up a storm. At home they ride in the back fields at our farm, and on the weekends, little Brocky (4) has now experienced the “real” tracks at Moto Park, Gully Mor and Poor Boyz. He’s really getting the hang of it and has even “won” a few future star trophies. While my 8-year-old, Connor, has been tearin’ up the actual MX series in Southern Ontario; while he gears up (pun intended) for the Canadian Nationals in Walton this August.

A few weeks ago he won the 50cc and 60cc classes at Gopher Dunes, and this past weekend he took top spot in the 50s again, 2nd in the 60 7-11 year old division, and 10th in the 80s in the CMX / MMRS east-west shoot out. This upcoming weekend we’re off to Lindsay, Ont.

He’s doing really well and we couldn’t be happier for him. In fact, both our kids love it and are constantly asking if we can go riding. So like any dedicated dad (who happens to have a business in the action sports industry) my husband Craig makes sure they get at least two practices in a week. Then on weekends we pack up the toy hauler and head to various tracks about 2 hours from where we live. It’s amazing to see how much interest and passion our little guys have for the sport. Don’t get me wrong, we’re glad they’ve taken a liking to motocross, but we wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t want to. It’s very expensive.

Connor is now racing three bikes (50, 60 & 80) and still has 3 more years on the 60; and 8 years on the 80! He’s only 8, but a big boy for his age so he can handle them. He also plays AA rep hockey so maintains his conditioning for the track during the Winter by training on the ice. Last week he went to  camp for a week to learn from the best of the best (this is owned by the Thompson family who have produced a star in Cole Thompson and others). It’s definitely worth the money and travels to ensure he is trained properly and safe on the track.

It’s almost surreal watching him jump 40 feet in the air on the big tracks against 14 year olds. Am I scared? Yes. Is my heart pounding every time he makes his way to the starting gate? Of course. But deep down I know that he’s protected well and has the best training and instruction we could ask for. My husband makes sure of that. So, what can I say? I guess I like the thrill of it too. I’m a moto mom — it comes with the territory.   

Until next time,

Kerrie Lee

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