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You train hard, so you demand your supplements to make a difference. So ask yourself this; Have you ever felt light headed in the heat? Have you ever had your calf cramp up while competing? What about feeling weak or confused during training or a race? If you’ve had any of these symptoms, odds are they may be caused by dehydration and consequently low or unbalanced electrolyte levels. This dangerous condition can rob every ounce of performance you’ve been working so hard to accomplish…. and in extreme case

s it has even resulted in your body shutting down completely!

Electrolyte Supplements and Hydration

Electrolytes are often talked about in association with dehydration and incorporated into sports drinks that promise to replace electrolytes lost through sweat. So often, the level of sugar in these drinks are far too high and electrolytes are too low to optimally help your body replenish the electrolytes balance it needs.

When many people think about hydration the think of sugary sports drinks found at your local corner store. The big advertisers want you to believe that these high sugar drinks are the first thing you should turn to when you’re trying to rehydrate. Wrong! The real trick to performance is to prevent dehydration and electrolyte imbalance before it happens. This is where 100% ElectroLYTES™ capsules come into play!

When getting ready for an intense workout or race, powering up your body with ACTIONETIX’ new 100% ElectroLYTES can literally be the performance edge you been searching for. The vegetarian capsules are easily digestible and release a perfect balance of Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Chloride and of course Sodium (from Salt) and Potassium. In fact, sodium and potassium are in an ideal 2:1 ratio to support your body’s sodium potassium pump and help you maximum performance. 

100% ElectroLYTES can simply be taken with water, or at your control, combined with your favorite beverage. Our vegetarian capsules are quickly and easily digested and make gastric upset (gut rot) and stomach cramps a thing of the past, allowing you to focus 100% on the task at hand… winning! 

For more information on recommended salt (sodium) for physically active individuals, click here to read Why Salt Intake is Critical for Athletes.

Our electrolyte formula is designed to work seamlessly with HemoAde, NeuroTECH MAX and PerformaVit. For maximum overall health, performance, focus and aerobic capacity, choose ACTIONETIX supplements today!

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Supplement Facts

ACTIONETIX 100% ElectroLytes Supplement Facts

Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults, take one (1) capsule one to four times per day as needed. For best results, take between meals with a large (16 oz.) glass of water or your favorite beverage.


Welcome to our science section where you will learn more about electrolytes in general, and why we formulated our product 100% ElectroLYTES the way we did.

To get started, we have to understand that the body is controlled by electricity. You see your brain sends out nerve impulses to activate muscles contractions in the human body. These impulses are electrical signals that cause chemical and mechanical processes to happen.

Many of these process include or use electrolytes to accomplish the muscle movement, or in some cases the transport of foods and fluids from one place to another. In short electrolytes are critcal elements for many body functions including muscle contractions.

Electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and phosphate. These elements work together in your body to accomplish many functions including balancing your fluids. If one or more of these electrolytes are too low certain negative consequences may result.

Some of these consequences may be muscle cramps, weak muscular contractions, lethargy, decreased energy levels, confusion and even blurred vision. Preventing these physiological issues, especially during competition  is a major key to maximizing your performance.

Now let’s look a little closer at these electrolytes to understand their role in the 100% ElectroLYTES formula. Let’s first start with sodium and potassium. 

These two electrolytes are the most commonly known and they work together in your body to form the sodium/potassium pump in your muscles. This link shows the mechanism by which the sodium potassium pump works. You will notice that sodium is in a higher concentration that potassium. This is exactly why sodium is in a higher amount than potassium in the 100% ElectroLYTES formula.

Calcium is a critical factor in muscular contraction. It is released into muscle cells once a nerve signal has been delivered for a muscle to contract. The influx of calcium is a critical factor to complete contraction and muscular performance.

Magnesium is critical in nerve function assisting in maximizing nerve signals, in turn helping to optimize or maximize muscle function. It is also a contributor to a steady heartbeat and circulatory contraction and relaxation.

The formula also includes a proprietary ingredient known as BioPerine which is clinically backed to increase absorption of the ingredients in 100% ElectroLYTES. This along with Boron Aminoate support greater infusion of ingredients to your hard working muscles.

Finally, with adequate sodium and potassium in the body, along with ample water and hydration, you can control the hormone Aldosterone and which has the job of balancing sodium and potassium. Lose too much sodium through sweat, Aldosterone is released and it will force the correct amount of potassium to be released in your urine.

While there is much more depth to the science of 100% ElectroLYTES, this gives you a solid foundation of the science and why this is the preferred choice of athletes around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100% ElectroLYTES?

100% ElectroLYTES is a performance sports supplement to assist in keeping an optimal balance of electrolytes in your body. This balance helps decrease the frequency and severity of muscle cramps, while delaying fatigue and improving performance and endurance.

How should you take 100% ElectroLYTES?

You should follow the directions on the bottle that are listed here: Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults, take one (1) capsule one to four times per day as needed. For best results, take between meals with a large (16 oz.) glass of water or your favorite beverage.

If you any have further questions it is advised you speak directly to a licensed healthcare professional.

Are there any stimulants in 100% ElectroLYTES?

There are no stimulants such a caffeine or any other in 100% ElectroLYTES.

Why is 100% ElectroLYTES in a capsule, and not a powder or drink?

We chose to put 100% ElectroLYTES in a veggie capsule for a number of reasons. First is the capsule is easily and quickly digested vs. electrolyte tablets on the market. This means the formula goes to work fast to help improve overall performance, or to recover from hard training.

Second is we did not want to force sugary drink mixes on our athletes, which can cause gut rot during training or competition, and mess with overall energy levels. Many powders and drink mixes are just too high in sugar and can cause unnecessary spikes in insulin, which can ultimately result in radical changes to your blood sugar.

Third is the convenience factor of the capsule format. It’s easy to throw in your bag and go. You don’t need to to lug around a bunch of messy powder or heavy bottles.


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