PerformaVit™ | Performance Multi-Vitamin + Mineral


  • Scientifically Developed Performance Vitamin + Mineral
  • Improved Energy∆    Immune Support∆    Mental Alertness∆
  • Supports Overall Endurance and Performance For Men And Women∆
  • Veggie Capsules – Suitable for Everyone Including Vegetarians


If your performance on and off the track, on the obstacle course, logging miles on the road or in the CrossFit Box means everything to you, then choosing the perfect multi-vitamin and mineral is extremely important. You see a “multi” as they are termed, if developed specifically for your performance needs can in fact… help improve your performance. Pick a run-of-the-mill multi, and in fact it can set you back.  The choice is ultimately yours, so choose wisely.

Introducing PerformaVit from ACTIONETIX, the makers of HemoAde. After hundreds of hours studying the physiological needs of motocross, CrossFit, obstacle course and other endurance athletes, the perfect formula match for their needs is found in every veggie capsule. Each ingredient is hand selected based on the additional needs that an endurance-focused athlete demands. 

PerformaVit – It’s Not Your Grandma’s Multi-Vitamin

Beyond the carefully selected ingredient profile of vitamins and minerals, PerformaVit pushes forward with additional hormonal, immune, as well as energy and anti-oxidant support. The overall formula works in unison to support an athlete’s overall health and performance at a micronutrient level.


With the unbelievable success around HemoAde™, PerformaVit ™ is the perfect compliment for increased performance and health. This is the place to get the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), starting with the most asked question out there:

Question: Why should I use PerformaVit?

Answer: If you are focused on your overall health and athletic performance, then PerformaVit can be a factor in you achieving your goals. Scientifically designed for Action Sports and other endurance athletes, PerformaVit not only provides a solid foundation of vitamins + minerals but additional energy, immune, mental alertness and anti-oxidant components to help redefine a multivitamin into a performance and overall health aid.

Question: How should I take PerformaVit?

Answer: Adults that choose to, should take PerformaVit daily in the morning or with their first meal. Simply take two Veggi Capsules each day with plenty of water.

WARNING: Consult with a licensed health care professional if you have a medical condition. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if packaging has
been tampered with.

Question: Are there any animal based ingredients in PerformVit?

Answer: NO. There are no animal-based ingredients or components in PerformaVit. Having years of success building sports supplements that deliver on results, we know that not everyone will use pig or cow gelatin based capsules for instance. This is why we chose to encapsulate PerformaVit in vegetarian capsules or ‘Veggie Caps’ as they are referred to. The vegetarian capsule is more expensive, but we believe they are best choice for our customers.

Question: Are there any side effects or interactions that I should be aware of when taking PerformaVit?

Answer: With any sports supplement, we recommend that you read the entire label and check with a qualified healthcare practitioner before starting to use it. Everyone’s physiology is unique and reacts differently to various ingredients. PerformaVit is generally well tolerated by healthy adults.

Question: Does PerformaVit contain any stimulants?

Answer: No. PerformaVit is a stimulant free multi-vitamin + mineral supplement to support overall health and performance. It does not contain stimulants such as caffeine.

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